GTD tools I’m using

  • iGTD – main GTD system. Available only for Mac OS X. The main weakness is that it’s a desktop app, and you can’t work on it from multiple machines.
  • FreeMind – for daily GTD practice & work environment + calendar reminders. Here’s my daily template (to view it, copy the link & open it in FreeMind, in Browse mode).
  • NetVibes – for all inboxes, viewed all the time as it’s the browser’s homepage
  • Vitalist – online GTD application. It’s online, which is great, but suffers from serious usability problems, & frequent downtime periods (at least it seems to be not accessible from my network perspective. Perhaps in Europe/US it’s better).
  • EverNote – for reference, all deliverables are stored there.
  • 30boxes Google Calendar – for calendar

Except for EverNote, all work just as well on my Linux.

Some screenshots:


iGTD screenshot


Older screenshot (click on the image to enlarge):


EverNote todo inboxes


EverNote deliverables reference




  1. Thanks, looks simple but nice!

    I’m afraid I’m sold to iGTD for now, because my laptop is always with me & I’m at least 2 hours/day offline on train commute, so I need my GTD application to support this mode.

    Thanks for the link!

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