Early adopters of the world: Use OpenIRIS!

I read a few years ago about the DARPA CALO project (Cognitive Agent that Learns & Organizes), or was it the PAL project (Perceptive Agent that Learns)? Anyway, I was quite amazed, because I was thinking back then about similar architecture & technologies. Well, about a month ago, they decided to actually ship the technology, & open its source!!!!

It's called OpenIRIS (http://www.openiris.org/), & it's a "Semantic Desktop", in which you work on your applications (Browser, Mail, Chat, Calendar, Tasks, Documents &c), & behind the scenes everything is analyzed & organized in a beautiful ontology (!!!) that enables you to "Integrate. Relate. Infer. Share.".
DARPA just paid researchers from some 22 universities, to actually go & implement the semantic technologies that have such huge promises, using today's paradigms & technologies.

I've started playing with it a few weeks ago, & today decided to actually use it. Well, I'm holding my hands from evangalizing (except for the post's title), but I'm quite impressed from the result! There are some small problems, & the giant platform is slightly slow, but the basics seem to work – some giant OWL-based ontology is being accumulated behind-the-scenes, & used for integrating the information. (One thing does annoy: I hope they'll switch to FireFox (instead of the old Mozilla), because I can't use a browser without my extensions…). I might even try write a plug-in for FreeMind or some other app I can't live without, & see how it works.

Thanks DARPA, SRI & all other researchers for bringing the future closer!

Update: Oops! There's only a Windows version :(… Seems like I won't be using it much, coz my primary OS is Linux. (hey, please spend the last mile effort for the sake of Linux & MacOS early adopters…)


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