Knowledge syndication

I got as a b-day present 2 great books, one is the must-read On Intelligence, & the other is a billingual collection of Confucius sayings. As there are many knowledge extraction posts on the 1st, e.g. Robert Burke's, but less of the 2nd, I decided I must share with the world the wise Confucius knowledge as a Listible list (the other option was a Moodle course on my homepage).

Then I saw in the browser status bar that my NetVibes tab is busy reading (RSS) content from various great web sites, & it suddenly hit me that instead of me listing Confucius sayings in this location, & Robert Burke listing Jeff Hawkins sayings in that location, what's needed is a standard format for syndicating knowledge beliefs. Not just pure knowledge, domain coneptualization as in the Semantic Web, but practical behavioral knowledge, executable specification, that can be used by beliefs-based engines to acheive goals.

I made recently an architecture of such an engine, that is driven by goals & an inventory of beliefs, but didn't thought about the idea that the inventory of beliefs would be the whole web, or at least what's encoded in the NSSKS format (Not So Simple Knowledge Syndication…).

Maybe it's just a subset/dialect of OWL, but with proper beliefs-based machines, it could be something very powerful. Then we'll need also standards for Goals syndication, & the agents will become completely autonomous, doing the work for us without any need to tell them what, when & how to do it.


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