Stanford Singularity Summit

What an event, too bad I can't attend:

A real summit bringing together most of my hero's: Kurzweil, Hofstadter, Yudkowsky, Mckibben, as well as the leading transhumanism & AI visionaries.

Since my youth I always wished to work on the software that will form the "moral layer" of intelligent machines, that will turn them into "benevolant" friendly AI, as the singularity institute calls it. I made some progress over the years, & am now working on a very exciting emergence based AI engine as a goal-system infratrsucture, but still has much more work to do. The Singularity Institute guys seem to be already working on the Turing Police technology!

Thanks a lot for the all-too-important work!

I hope to read/hear as much as I can.


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