Push Singh, 1972-2006

It caught me quite late, after reading for the past 2 monthes his thesis, that Push Singh has died this February, 33 years old.

I was quite shocked, because I was kind of counting on him: he was the most brilliant AI researcher I ever heard of, someone I thought I will continue to learn from & follow for a long time. Push was the guy that I believed will build the actual real strong AI. I didn’t know him personally, yet always felt that this is an especially important & great person. I’m really sad I didn’t had to chance to get to know him. I really feel for the persons who did know him, because he was such a good person.

I must try find a way to comemorate him, besides the obvious use of his work, e.g. the Open Mind project, ConceptNet & the EM-ONE architecture.

Thanks & goodbye, Push


One thought on “Push Singh, 1972-2006

  1. When I was writing that article on A.I. systems integration, I came across Singh’s wikipedia page and just then found out that he had died. I had the same reaction you did. Tragic.


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