Employees work visibility

In 1999 I was building a platform that allowed Web access to regular applications & IT resources (using Grid & other innovative concepts). It brought up an interesting issue, that may be regarded as a feature or as a concern: an employee’s managers could easily see everything the employee did (thru his computer), as if they had a spyware recording his mouse & keyboard actions, but on a higher level.

Today, as all applications are being transformed to the Web, this feature/concern starts being a reality. For example, when working these days on some training program using the great open-source application Moodle, I noticed that all managers can see everything I do, & have complete visibility on all users actions (this big brother interfaces exist there because they allow monitoring the activities & participation of students).

This is just another example of the implications of transparency, but it’s quite interesting & life-changing: say welcome to your boss new permanent virtual position over your shoulder!


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