Community tip for those poor readers still stuck in MS Windows

I hear that many developers are switching to Linux, & that’s cool, but I feel for all those still stuck with MS Windows.

So, here’s my recommended procedure to help them get out of their trouble:

  1. Download & install the VMWare Player
  2. Download the Ubuntu distro as a VMWare virtual appliance
  3. Unzip it
  4. From VMWare Player, choose Open Virtual Machine
  5. Browse & choose the .vmx file from the Ubuntu folder you unzipped
  6. Play the Virtual Machine
  7. Play with Linux:
    1. Download your favorite apps
    2. Work with them
  8. When you feel comfortable, install Ubuntu (or any distro of your choice) on your machine. It only requires a free disk partition, & will leave your Windows in tact (you’ll be offered a multi boot menu on startup)
  9. Alternatively, buy a MacBook, & either stay with the OS X, or install Ubuntu under it as well.
  10. Feel free to ask me (or Google) your questions.

Update: an alternative way is to download the Ubuntu Live CD/DVD (or order it for free), burn it & restart the machine with the CD/DVD inside. You’ll be able to play with Ubuntu without installing it.Update: Wired just published an article that you may find more informative about this: Is Ubuntu Linux for you, too?


2 thoughts on “Community tip for those poor readers still stuck in MS Windows

  1. I was trying to suggest the simplest, fastest & most non-intrusive way to have Linux configured & running on your machine, for users that aren’t power-users. You may be right that getting a VMWare player is a higher obsticle than burning a Live-CD. I’ll try it out & update the post.


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