Michal Rovner’s art & a local demonstration

I was lucky to see today an exhibition of this great artist, providing magnificent visualization of emergence, using projected video of many humans, seen as an higher level phenomena.

Rovner petri dish

After the exhibition, in the Tel Aviv museum of Art, I passed by a demonstration against the keeling in Lebanon & Israel. It was an unusual voice, coming out of people deviating from the super-organism of Israeli society, which is quite united behind the massive attacks on the Iranian-backed pro-Palestinian Hizbolla. One must have a quite topsight vision to see beyond the eyes of his tribe & feel for the people in another one, with which it is in a war. Though obviously those other people are quite not to be blamed for the war inflicted upon them due to the terrorist activities done by a group backed by another country. It’s really sad that this area knows only the language of violance, & the poor people that just want to live their lives have to die or suffer. It’s only slightly re-assuring to see people saying that it’s wrong, & I’m quite admiring their vision & courage to say it.


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