Post by the cell

in light of the recent (past ~100 hours/days/monthes/years, all the same) events in my organism (jewish ethnic group of the israeli nation), I want to ask a small question: how can a cell make a change?

Those recent events include violent conflicts with neighboring organisms (Palestinians, Lebanese) in an endless vicious circle, with no real progress in solving it’s root causes. These violent conflicts include terrorist attacks on soldiers, followed by bombings of these terrorists taking the lives of children &/ their parents.

Normally, a cell has limited effect, as his micro behavior & choices are just aggregated along with those of millions of other cells, creating a statistical emergence of macro behaviors & trends.

Though, there seems to be exceptions, in which a small action brings a huge (normally very negative) snow-ball effect, e.g., an assasination of a king, or taking over airplanes using simple knives & flying them into buildings.

But normally, cells make changes only by small & steady growing effect on their neighboring cells, e.g., a pacifict attorney convincing people to non-violently fight for their emancipation.

As the macro behavior emerges from the communication & interactions between the cells, you might expect that changes in the messaging medium of the interactions may effect the emergence, & its speed. Do super human organisms, using mass media & Internet communications change their macro behavior faster as a result of cells micro behavior changes?

Maybe the influence is always similar in pattern: a cell’s micro behavior change may have some influence on his neighboring cells, which may recursively distribute it further, climbing a gaussian curve of adoption, depending on the power/value of the change, until it passes or not the line between micro & macro behavior.

This mechanism of change propagation happens in the mechanism of memes, which spread in the population, as a function of their value/survival power, & their success in propagation through communication.

In my super organism, it was a small meme held by very few cells that the conflicts with neighboring organisms are the results of root causes, which drive the conflicts & fuel it. For example, the meme of proffessor Yishayahu Leibovitch claiming in 1967 that the Israeli occupation is bad & must end, took almost 40 years until it has spread & held even by the politician leaders.

But, alas, it seems like it will take many more years, & many more tragedies, until the macro behavior of middle east organisms will change & adopt the intelligent powerful peaceful coexistence behavior, as adopted in other areas of the world, located somewhere else in the memetic evolution.

So, how can a cell make/accelerate a macro change? In the past, people that made such changes were assumed to have super-natural powers, such as Jesus & Jeanne D’Arc. Does the magic of new technology endows individual cells with super-natural powers?

I was thinking of several directions, such as:

  • Execute memetic “terrorist” actions, that will effect people by non-violent art (social sculptures), toward the memes of peaceful coexistence, & compassion toward different organisms’ cells.
  • Use social technologies, that group many cells & providing them more macro power.

The effectiveness of such directions needs to be assessed, & then be used as fast as possible, because every day that passes, so many people are being so much hurt.

“The law of God, is the law of change.” (G. B. Shaw)


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