Beauty as a memetic tool

I was thinking during a demonstration yesterday about the importance of beauty for memetic influence on people. Why do beautiful people serve as model for us, while ugly people serve as anti-model. It seems like a programming mechanism used to indicate what’s good to follow & what’s not (a visual chemical).

Advertisement uses beautiful people (models) to effect other people’s behavior, & politicians likewise. 2 weeks ago, 2 beautiful women came to demonstrate against a large anti-war demonstration in Tel-Aviv, holding a piece of paper saying: traitors. Of course the local newspapers covered only the 2 women, fully ignoring the demonstration…

Apparently, we’re designed to work by the belief: Beauty=Good=Model. However, I believe a missing part in this equation is Love, which should exist between all people, of all tribes & other variants, because when it’s missing, you can’t call the result beauty.

It becomes however very annoying when it’s missing, & the mere beauty indicator is wrong.


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