Test case for yielding emergence

I was thinking on the simplest way to test my emergence engine, & came up with an extremely simple task – the reactive algorithm of a thermostat: measure the temperature, & turn the heating on & off to maintain a given temperature. It sounds indeed very simple to code a program that does that, but what I’m going to experiment is how to do it without any programming.

Emergence engine is a kind of general AI, capable of achieving goals, without being programmed how to solve them. It’s based on the assumption that you don’t need to build real intelligence, rather just create many many simple software workers, having only very simple tools & logic, & let them swarm their way toward the system’s given goals.

So, here’s how I hope my engine will handle the test case:

  • It should 1st learn by elicitation the model of a room, having a temperature, thermometer & heating unit.
  • It should also learn the relevant beliefs on the effect of using the thermometer on the accuracy of the model, & the effect of turning the heating on & off on the room’s temperature
  • It should then learn what’s the desired temperature
  • From this it should start deriving action plans & execute activities to achieve the goal of maintaining the desired temperature
  • It should also adapt to changes in the room, e.g., a door is open & there’s need to use more heating, or alternatively the heating doesn’t work & we need an alternative heating unit

I’m saying it but of course what’s doing all this are many collaborating agents, working together to achieve the goal. This is done by breaking the value in the goal into smaller value “summs” given to states & activities leading to the goal, & having the agents collaborate on creating all these summs.

Although the design is very simple, & intended for complete autonomous behavior, I noticed that I’ll be able to effect the engine & help it reach its goal, by changing the knowledge driving it, i.e., the learnt beliefs, according to which the agents work.

So, I can’t wait to see how the engine will handle this, which will actually test whether the simple emergence design is enough to yield emergence, even if the value it delivers is so small & simple.


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