Engineering decentralized multi-human value vending machines

I’ve been working for a few years on Knowledge & Emergence Engineering, combined also with Machine learning, & am very excited to prototype engines based on the synthesis of these technologies. What these technologies enable are new types of adaptive & autonomic information systems, capable of delivering value without programming & maintenance. It only needs to receive initial common-sense & domain knowledge, including the knowledge on how to create & engineer value, & from there it goes on by itself to pursue its goals, & constantly improve its effectiveness. Really exciting.

Now, one of the types of mechanisms that could benefit from such engines, are a new kind of social mechanisms, that dynamically bind humans & computers into economic machines, i.e., decentralized dynamic companies.

Such companies exploit the powers of both carbon & silicon based agents, & are glued together by the management mechanism implemented by the emergence engines. Think Amazon Mechanical Turk, but with a learning automatic managers, constantly working (without human intervention) on driving end-to-end business processes.

Such mechanisms could eventually leverage the unexploited time & intelligence of many unemployed human population, without requiring special knowledge or initial expertise, & help them make money. Normally, their common-sense & social knowledge will be enough to achieve their queue of tasks, automatically assigned to them by the managing engine.

I don’t have enough time to play with these engine, in the required amount, so I can’t promise anything. But I’ll most certainly be happy to get rid of the exploiting-evil & overhead of millions of human managers, that could efficiently be replaced by automatic mechanisms, for the benefit of their poor subordinate egg-heads.


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