Google Desktop saving lost information

Google is really fulfilling its mission of organizing the world’s information, including lost information. & it does this not only for the Web, but also user’s personal data.

I’ve been doing some version control branch merging, & probably due to lack of sleep, forgot to backup stuff & lost some 2 weeks of work. Rescue utilities, such as Freeundelete, weren’t able to rescue my source files. I turned to Google Desktop, which immediately presented its many cached versions of the source files, saved every couple of minutes, containing my latest changes. Cool!

I’m waiting for Apple to release the leaopard, too see their Time Machine feature, & how it helps in such cases. But for now, Google Desktop just provides this truly valuable service, of connecting users with important lost data!

Thanks a lot Google Desktop & your maker Google!!!

Update: Just noticed the “Browse Timelone” link, which provides a LifeStream timeline of your information activities & events. How cool!!!


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