On emergence in music concerts & similar religious events

I find music concerts to be a beautiful example of emergence (as are also other religious events, such as sport events, movies & parades). A group of people, inspired by the same art/activity, becomes one body (in a higher level), having for a limited time period unified perception, feelings, goals & perhapse even consciousness.

Eran Zur in a concertEran Zur and Assaf Amdursky at a concertAssaf Amdursky at a concert

(Images from a great concert of Eran Zur, Assaf Amdursky & Shlomy Shaban taken by my friend Ran Mendelson)
Why does this emergence happen? What purpose is the higher-level creature – the congregation – serving? I would like to learn/think more to answer this, but in the meantime will just continue to enjoy it.

Of course, it requires one to choose the event & group of people matching it, & of course we must be extremely careful from the daunting horrors unified groups of people can together do (too too many examples in the previous century).

Long time ago, I imagined a movie ending scene in which a train passanger suddenly takes out a violin, & starts playing the slow movement from L’estro Armonico #9 by Vivaldi. After a while, some other passangers take their violins out as well & join the playing. Eventually, all train passangers play the music, & as they go out from the train, everyone else on the street join them.

Just strange memes flowing in my mind.


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