Movies for machines

I’ve been at the movie theater this weekend, & wondered again how come people group together in a dark room, shut down their consciousness, & for 2 hours live the (usually fictional) lives of other people. Edward Young said in one of his movies (A One and a Two…) that with the normal amount of movies people watch these days, they’re actually living about 5000 years.

This naturally leads me to the concept of sending our information machines to the movie theater as well. Whatever we benefit from movies, will probably benefit them as well. You could say that no, people are defined by the feelings art invokes in them, & machines have nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, I think it can be a great way to educate our androids.
& more practically, if information machines need to understand our social & business world, & be domain experts in many human fields, why shouldn’t we provide them with movie scripts, depicting scenes in various domains, & let them apply their self-organizing machine learning to make sense of these domains? Sounds like David Harel’s development paradigm.
Google is targeting YouTube these days, maybe they’ve already got some movie fans crawlers, learning the human domain.


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