All, please add RSS feeds for everything

Now that I’ve got a Skype RSS bot in place, I need you all to publish RSS feeds for everything:

  • Movie screening times (TV, Cinemateque) of my favorite genres/directors
  • Status of my Son from the babysitter
  • Clothes coming out of the washing machine
  • Any piece of timely information, that may be interesting for me

The robot BTW is chinese, & it’s about time we start seeing great software from there: if you’re going to rule the world soon, what about the information technology world? Are you working on the Kuang Grade Mark Eleven already? Seriously, are the RSS feeds sent by the service subject to your government censorship?

Important Update: My sincere appologies: the chinese RSS robot (coming from: turned out to be just a piece of malware! It took me time to understand why some strange chinese links crepe inside my RSS feeds… & I naiivly started believing in cool technology coming from china 😦

The message however remains in tact: please publish feeds for everything !!!



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