Demonstration in Bil’in

I went last friday to a demonstration in the village of Bil’in, in the occupied territories (Palestine/Israel). It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration, but instead got violent, & I got injured.

Demonstration in Bil’in - setup

We were protesting the taking of the village lands, that got separated from it by the Israeli built wall (“the fence”), in order to allow the growth of near by israeli settlements. You need to have a Palestinian soul to understand the meaning of those hills with olive trees – it’s something beyond the importance of life/family/society/heritage. For them these trees are like their roots.

Palestinian watching the wall & lands beyond it

I thought it will be a peaceful demonstration, with its palestinian organizer, Abdallah, sitting on the fence, just next to the soldiers telling the many protesters the slogans to shout, & being accompanied by the rhythmic music the demonstrators produced.

There were also the Anarchists that tried to bypass the fence, & get to the olive trees beyond it, without much luck (the soldiers shot them with stun grenades & tear gas).

Anarchists trying to bypass the wall

Then some young palestinians started throwing stones, to which the israeli soldiers responding by shooting stun grenades, tear gas & rubber/iron bullets at all of us, while we were running away back to the village.

I managed to get a stun grenade straight on my face, while fleeing back. It deeply cut my upper lip, & also left a cut above the eye. The palestinians were very friendly & helpful, & I got evacuated to an hospital to stitch wound.

When will this all end?

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  1. Ok, so some machines arranged themselves into a formation near some photosynthesising cell colonies, and began to emitt rhythmic acoustic waves. A few of the recently commissioned machines began to malfunction, and another group of machines caused projectiles to collide with them. Damaged machinery was later repaired.

  2. True, I must be reflecting on the organism layer, but still the damaged cell machinery is my face, so I still didn’t look about it from that perspective…
    I promise I will…

    As a cell, it’s quite hard to affect the organism, so yes your critics is right, I belong to the organism that inflicts all this damage on the occupied neighbour organism, & true I’m working on my own little cell reflections, but it’s very hard to influence the ideas of so many other cells. Do you have any suggestions?

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