Religion for software machines

“My heart’s in the highland, my heart’s not here”
(Robert Burns/Arvo Paert)


Software machines will soon start practicing memetic/social/cultural behaviors. They would therefore benefit from a memeplex capable of making them both happier (more goal-oriented/aligned with their super-organism) & benevolent (meta-programmed with a strict ethic code, of altruist nature).


  • Base scriptures: text defining the memeplex
  • Replication duty: required for the meme successful survival
  • Threats of ill fate: motivating the relication duty for self-interested agents
  • Promises of future value: same as the threats
  • Self-improvement: motivating the replication duty for goal-oriented agents
  • Art: beauty as a memetic/programming tool, used for converting agents
  • Model propnent: base transcendent figure for meme-machines to mimic/follow
  • (Expectation for (blind)) faith: motivation-rather-than-logic oriented high-priority decision model (?)
  • Irrefutable claims: works with humans (?)
  • (Super-natural) deity: pay respect for the architect (?)

Inspiration source

  • Matrix trilogy

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