Must hear conference coverage

The MIT emerging technology conference 2006 features some must hear talks:

  • Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos presents their 3 new innovative web services – Mechanical Turk, S3 & EC2 – in way every person dealing with IT will be forced to change his mindset & immediately sign up for the services. The motivation of Amazon becomes very clear & extremely important: completely take from each comany or new venture every infrastructure service that isn’t core to its business, & offer it in a completely new & efficient business model.
  • Mark Chapman of IBM presents a remarkable survey of 750 CEO’s & the main conclusions that it yielded, which are also amongst the most powerful memes in the business world for some time now: Collaboration with the external eco-system & the importance of Business Model innovation. Another important message is that the only barrier for utilizing these vital concepts is internal – changing the culture & thinking of the organization.
  • & finally Sebastian Thrun head of the Stanford AI lab, gives an entertaining talk about his robot Stanley that won the DARPA grand challange. What I interpret from his talk is the key role that the software & its innovative architecture had in achieving this amazing challange, which basically is one of the greatest early versions of a real autonomous machine. Quite amazing to see the emotions Thrun have for his robot…

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