Edward de Bono as AI pioneer

I missed the train this morning, & had a few minutes freed up, so I picked an Edward de Bono book (Practical Thinking) & was amazed on the clear & insightful view on AI it offers…

Just an example, the 1st chapter is called: Instinct, Learning & Understanding. & of course it relates to the 3 phases of software evolution in general, & in AI in particular:

  • First we had Instinct software, pre-wired to react in certain ways to certain situations (e.g., almost any software product developed today by clone armies of programmers)
  • Then we had Machine Learning software, capable of training from examples & improving its performance (e.g., pandora learning musical taste, or sophisticated Event Processors, learning data centers events & their root cause)
  • & finally we’re building Understanding software, capable of analyzing the semantics of events, & by that handling new & unexpected events according to their matching with existing event knowledge (e.g., the Semantic Web).

Actually, nothing new in applying practical human design patterns to software design patterns, but do Bono deals with thinking, which is the core of AI, & so amazingly relevant & important!


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