Israeli authorities decide to legitimize land stealing at Bil’in

My country (israel) stole palestinian lands & expelled their residents, mostly during wars, since it was founded. If initially these intolerable crimes were excused as defense measures against enemies trying to extinguish it, today they’ve become standard practice: the israeli regional planning council in the west bank occupied territories just “legitimized” a giant theft of lands, in the village of Bil’in. Due to this theft, the government placed it’s separation fence in the village lands, effectively confiscating 60% of its lands.

Read the Ha’aretz editorial article for more information.

My mother used to be the attorney for such a planning council (in mainland israel though, whether that makes a difference), & I remember the intolerance & rigorousness they have f0r the most minor land & construction breaches, yet when it comes to 42 high-rises & an apartheid fence taking 60% of a village lands it is of course legitimized, being a part of a larger crime.

How much more will this crime continue?

The occupation & land theft are so bad, they must be stopped NOW!

Palestinian watching the fence in Bil’in

resident of Bil’in watching the separation fence during a protest demo


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