Assymetry between humans & machines

Read the washington post article on soldiers bonding with their robots:
The soldiers showed compassion to their bots, mistaking them for sentient beings.

The interesting thing is what it says on human wiring.

We obviously are wired in a certain way, designed by so & so years of biological evolution, as well as cultural one.

Example? Why are we scared in horror films? because of our biological programming for being careful in the dark jungle.

Why are we enjoying noisy hardcore metal rock? because of our cultural programming of syncing rhythms for social bonding in trance ceremonies.

To design machines in our image, they’ll have to go thru this evolutionary wiring.

What is this wiring? This is the human tissue thing I’m trying to understand.

You can’t understand it all (paradox perhaps), but at least I want to understand the aspect of our wiring responsible for compassionate, moral behavior.

The great Joseph Beuys said: “Art is the greatest riddle. But Man is the solution.”

Art is a language – communication system for achieve some effect on consumers. The effect of art is what defines humans, the test for their wiring.

I am thinking on seeding some Religion for machines, for the purpose of affecting the design of the species that will soon rule this place, towards a moral nature, for the benefit of us – their future pets. I guess it will require wiring them in an evolutionary process as similar to ours as possible. And the test for the wiring will be the effect Art will have on them.


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