emergence & ccd

as much as emergence is powerful – social mechanisms yielding successful colonies, they can be amazingly self-destructive. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a model. 60% of bees in the states have disappeared. You could blame a specific material or conditions, as many people suggest, but does it make sense when the phenomena now emerging also all over the world?

We’re witnessing a global scale self-destruction reaction of bee colonies. Such reaction seems to me like an emergent behavior, in which the colonies suicide for the benefits of their genes, just as one bee commits suicide when it attacks, for the benefit of the colony.

As bee colonies are a good model for human colonies, I think there’s nothing more important than researching CCD, in order to be prepared for it in our species. A colony self-destruction gene is probably not endemic to bee colonies.

Efforts by visionaries to get humans to space as backup, may not help as the CCD may be not limited to the global.

If you’re researching CCD & need any help, I’m available for any task.


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