I’m a Django addict!

For the past couple of monthes I’ve developed 2 large Web applications, using the amazing Django web framework, & recently chose it for my next large project. I can now say without any doubt that it is the platform of choice today for developing almost any type of software. Its slogan claims that it’s the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines, & I fully agree. It’s just a brilliant platform, that revolutionizes software development, in the amazing productivity that it enables. Beauty according to David Gelernter is simplicity & power, & the Django authors just achieved so much beauty!

I found the underlying programming language, Python, to be the programming language of my dreams, really powerful, simple & fun to work with!

When I tell people about Django, they either say that it’s just like Rails, or that they don’t see any reason to move away from their familiar PHP or J2EE.
Well, I can tell you what I think of these alternatives using a metaphor: if you need to buy a laptop today, you basically have 3 choices: a PC loaded with Windows, a PC loaded with Linux & a MacBook loaded with OS X. I worked extensively with all choices, & can tell you that I get things done much better, much faster & much much more enjoyably on my MacBook. I find Rails to be similar to a PC loaded with Vista, PHP/J2EE like a PC loaded with Linux, & Django like a MacBook loaded with OS X.

If you’re an entrepreneur today, BTW, you’re just committing a crime if you don’t take my recommendation seriously.



  1. Sure, I can provide you description:
    1. A Value Creation application that collects input from a company employees and delivers advisers views, e.g., regarding the company’s root problems or bottle necks. After some more testing & feedback, I intent to release it under open-source license.

    2. A generic API testing applications, in which you define in meta-language test suites, which are then converted to specific programming languages, executed against the API of some provider, and verified against DB results. This application is for a specific customer, and probably won’t be released to public domain.

    The project I’ve just started to work on though, is much more pretentious (an autonomic computing engine), and will be offered as open-source. I’ll provide more details soon.


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