According to Barry Schwartz

the secret to happiness is low expectations (see TED lecture on the Paradox of Choice).

management wisdon also speaks on the Satiscficer (vs Optimizer) approach of setting a target level of requirements that meets the needs, but doesn’t strive for optimum. after reaching it, you can make it higher.

in GTD too, you don’t work on fulfilling a full project at once, but rather always focusing on the next physical action.

in general all is evaluated according to expectations. which of course means you can always improve your evaluation, by lowering the expectations. for example, this is the best way to excel in work place.

so, I’m setting here my low expectations for the last quarter of 2007, just starting. and will try to meet them. I’ll let you know whether I strived to reach my goals just the same, but this time had some fun & satisfaction while doing it.

Personal life expectations for Q4-2007:

  1. not be fired from day-job
  2. not get divorced
  3. not file for bankruptcy
  4. play 5 minutes per week with my child
  5. visit my family once
  6. do 1 activist act against the israeli occupation
  7. get feedback from 1 corporate executive prospect on my Value-Creation open-source product
  8. have 1 unit-test of my autonomic computing open-source framework pass
  9. work out once every week
  10. write 1 blog post per month

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