50 simple things you can do to save the earth

Bought a book by that name some 17 years ago, & wanted to go over the list again. Some things changed, & more ppl care & know more these days, but still it seems worth to spend a few minutes to go over it:

  1. Stop junk mail – you can ask not to be communicated, or at least recycle it! (equivalent of 0.5-1 trees a year)
  2. Snip Six-pack rings – birds & fishes suffocate to death, as it’s invisible under water
  3. Use a clean detergent – phosphates in detergents are killing lakes & streams.
  4. Aerate your faucets – faucet aerators reduce 50% of the water usage.
  5. New ingredients – the color used to bleach paper towels & coffee filters creates dioxin, a deadly toxic
  6. Tanks, but no tanks – turn your water heater few degrees less, to save several percents of electricity
  7. Make a phone call – a dialog with the ppl behind the relevant authorities, can make a difference
  8. Brush up on paint – use latex paint instead of oil-based paint, to reduce toxic & heavy metal pollution
  9. Time to re-tire? – buy long lasting tires & preserve their life, as their environment impact is quite bad
  10. Home on the range – many small things you can do to reduce electricity consumption with your home appliances
  11. Don’t go with the flow – don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth
  12. Gas station ecology – choose environment friendly gas for your car (more options today, & more awaiting)
  13. The twilight ozone – be careful from A/C leaks & CFC sprays & fire extinguishers
  14. Your gas is as good as mine – use less gas (or just get an hybrid car!)
  15. Recharge your batteries – less toxic waste, & be sure not to dump batteries
  16. Attention shoppers? – use less bags, paper or plastic, & reuse them more
  17. Find the hidden toxics – consult with information sources on how to reduce chemicals & toxics in your house
  18. Leave it a lawn – don’t overwater, don’t use chemicals & save water in your lawn
  19. Stamp out styrofoam – it’s non-biodegradeable & just won’t go away. Don’t use it.
  20. It’s a beach – clean the beach, to save the oceans & the animals inside them.
  21. Buyer beware – don’t buy ivory. buy dolphine friendly tuna.
  22. Pests & pets – fight pets fleas without hurting the environment (you can prepare citrus-oil yourself)
  23. Make it a royal flush – put a plastic bottle in your toilet tanks to save 1-2 gallons per flush
  24. Air power your shower – to save much water
  25. Recycle your motor oil – make sure the gas station will recycle your old oil!
  26. Tune up the heat – slight less heat or cooling is accumulated to much saving in energy
  27. Light right – make sure no one is using light bulbs anywhere!
  28. Don’t let go -released balloons kill fish & whales
  29. Reuse old news – recycle newspapers (a forest is used for 1 week newspapers in the US)
  30. Recycle glass – the process of making it takes a lot of energy
  31. Don’t can your aluminum – recycle it, coz again the process of making it takes too much energy
  32. Precycle – pay attention to the packaging of product you consume, which has a huge impact too
  33. Use cloth diapers – at least partially. there are more options available today.
  34. Put it to work…At work – apply this list to your work place as well!
  35. Recycle the rest – recycle stuff, even if it’s not easily available near your house (there are other places)
  36. Build a backyard wildlife refuge – build your backyard to attract & support wildlife
  37. Help protect the rain forests – support relevant organizations & don’t use goods coming from rain forests.
  38. The great escape – make your house well isolated, to save much energy
  39. Plant a tree – make sure it gets care in the 1st two years.
  40. Prevent pests naturally – learn about the alternatives & buy organically grown produce & grains
  41. What a waste! – store hazardous products properly & reduce their consumption
  42. Carpool to work – easy to find ppl these days (with the web2.0 conversations)
  43. Try composting – either for you garden or your friend’s
  44. Install a graywater tank – reuse your sink & shower water
  45. Drive less – even 1 day of public transportation (or self powered) a week can make a difference
  46. Eat low on the food chain – besides the terrible fate of these poor animals, the environment implications of meat industry is enormous
  47. Start a recycling program – the combined power of ppl to influence recycling policies & practices is more powerful than you think
  48. Xeriscape – use plants that require less water
  49. Stay involved – keep improving in your fight to save the earth
  50. Spread the word – write about it in your own blog


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