Leopard & Java don’t work together

I read today the alarming post in JavaLobby: “So long Apple, the party’s over” which says that not only that Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) doesn’t support the latest version of Java (6), it also broke the support for the previous & popular version (5). I always felt there’s a small evilness & fishiness in Apple, but what’s clear here is that though Apple’s products are amazingly good, if you’re not in their primary customer group (i.e., you develop in Java or talk Hebrew) you don’t exist for them. Completely uncool in the age of responsive companies in dialog with their customers (e.g., Dell’s IdeaStorm).

If I hadn’t switch to Python recently, I would have been in serious dilemma now. My heart goes for those still in Java.

See also: John Gruber tries to explain Apple’s point of view.



  1. Hi, I found your post looking for ’emergence principle in OOP’ and I found post about Java. I was also subscribed to JavaLobby and I know all this story. 🙂

    So I can say. These guys from JavaLobby is lazy-developers. I successfully using Java 6
    on Leopard. And that’s it.

    And what’s more is that I unsubscribed from JavaLobby. Because I switched to dynamic world of Smalltalk.

    But I’m still sucessfully developing in Java on Leopard on a few projects.

  2. Thanks a lot Vladimir for your comment! I’m very happy to hear that. I personally still didn’t upgrade to 10.5 because I wanted to see how things come out, so I didn’t test it.

    I’m actually working on applying the emergence principle to OOP, and when I’ll have something of value, I’ll announce it here.

    Wow, I didn’t know people still use SmallTalk. Quite an innovative language. I switched from Java to Python & Django, for which there seem to be a larger eco-system.


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