Useful stuff

My recommendations for highly useful stuff on (& for) the Web:

  • Google Talk translation bots are excellent for quick translations – just add the ones that help you most to your buddy list (actually, I find almost any service by Google highly useful, but won’t list all of them here…)
  • ie4osx lets Mac users work with web sites written by lazy programmers (or lousy managers), not adhering to standards(i.e., working just with ie)
  • MindMeister lets you collaborate on Mind-Maps with your colleagues or friends. Much more effective than traditional documents in yielding creativity & topsight
  • Gliffy let’s you collaborate on diagrams with your colleagues or friends.
  • Geni lets you collaborate on your geneologic tree with your family. It’s viral, it reminds you of b-days & just cool!
  • Meebo lets you take with you all of your IM accounts on any machine that you go. It also has a widget you can use to talk to visitors in your site!
  • Keepvid let’s you download movies from YouTube &c.
  • let’s you see the time-zone differences around DST changes (OK, not that useful, but still here coz I wrote it! :-))

There are many more, but I prefer to keep it small.

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  1. Your Google Talk translation bots recommendation is a good one. Take it from a professional translator. Up until now, this is the only tool I have found that provides results with a very acceptable quality level.

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