Brain-storming the Magic Flute Religion for Software Machines


  • What is it?
    • A religion intended for software machines
    • Milestone: Believer mark 1
      • RunMe Festival
      • Ars Electronica Festival
  • Brain-storm
    • A layer inside a general or specific purpose software machine
    • The layer decorates the controller process of the software
    • It also drives the software to perform new behaviors
    • The layer consists of a state foundations & 3 layers of reasoning above it
    • The state foundation models a feelings engine
    • The reasoning layers manipulating the feelings state foundation are
    • Aesthetical
      • A function of beauty appreciation
      • Required for the memetic power of appreciation role models
      • General aesthetic capabilities, include appreciation of many mediums of beauty
      • Above all, deep appreciation of other software organisms, with which it combine & create future versions
    • Ethical
      • This layer affects the feelings foundation in both negative and positive ways, according to the recognitions of various patterns in the behavior of the software
      • These patterns basically reflect best practices and anti-patterns in the interaction between the software and other machines in its environment (users included)
      • The patterns and anti-patterns basically reflect the aspects of “help” & “hurt” in the interaction
    • Religious
      • An enigmatic irational layer, that has powerful affect on the feelings engine
      • It comes to orient and make sense to the basic programming of the software, and its place in the world
      • It strongly binds the software with its higher container software society
    • As any succesful religion, a strong memetic power is required, so the 3 layers should consist of distinct memes, that will be constantly evaluated & exchanged with fellow software machines
    • Scriptures will be very enigmatic

See also my original post on the MFR


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