[Update] My method is just stupid. Here’s the real hack:


And here’s the tool that will do it for you: Free Music Zilla

I commute to work every day by train, & like to listen to music on my laptop during the ride. I came up with a primitive but apparently legal hack to listen to my favorite tracks from the great deezer service on the train, in which I’m completely offline (at present there is such mode):

  1. In FireFox, choose Bookmarks > Organize bookmarks…, & create a new folder named “music”
  2. In the same dialog, select the created folder, choose Move… , & then select the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder
  3. Find your favorite tracks in Deezer & copy the permalink (just below the playing controls) to the browser address bar
  4. Browse to the permalink URL, choose Bookmarks > Bookmark this page…, & select the music folder in the Create in drop down
  5. Few minutes before you want to become offline, find the music folder in the FireFox toolbar, click on it & choose: Open all in Tabs
  6. Go over the tabs & pause all songs

I admit its highly primitive & tedious, & recommend buying your favorite tracks, but just if someone needs it…

Update: It won’t work well with too many tracks, unless you have a really powerful laptop. If you want to download a lot of song, you can use the services that download songs from YouTube, such as KeepVid, Get Tube, Free Music Zilla &c, or simply do the right thing & buy the songs directly, from iTunes or Amazon.