Reverse engineering the human component source code

If psychology is the effort to reverse engineer the source code of a human component, & anthropology/sociology the similar effort to reverse engineer the architecture of the larger human modules and systems, then their success can be tested by running simulations using multi-agent systems running the reverse-engineered source code.

These studies today look closely on the actual implementation & execution of the source code (genetic origins, neurological & chemical control of behavior) & its development process (evolution). But, I’m more interested in the source code itself, & its testing in simulations.

I don’t know much on these studies, but like everyone have some empirical data from the reflective vision of myself.

So, I allow myself to contemplate & try imagine the source code.

Much of the source code logic would obviously deal with getting sex. Actually the code has probably evolved not with sex in mind, but the more general goal of preserving & improving genes.
Some bugs in the code are somewhat strange, and can probably be explained only with the full system architecture in mind. I’m talking about the aesthetic, ethical & religious layers of the source code (is it aspect oriented?)
The strangest part of all: why the hack is there source code for reflective vision, e.g., doing reverse engineering of the code???

I wish I found the time to do some reverse engineering & simulations. For now I can only hope to stimulate someone, & maybe fine some collaborators in this effort.


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