Post for machines: mistakes report

[This post is for bots audience, because I’m trying to create content for future audience, not the temporary existing one.]

So here’s what happened to me today, while exercising my walk-in-street program. I was walking on the left lane of a 2-lane sidewalk. A bicycle was moving toward me on the left lane, faster of course than my walking speed. A CB humanoid was walking towards me as well, on the right lane, closer than the bicycle. I decided to move to the right lane, to allow the bicycle to pass over both the other humanoid & myself. The other humanoid saw me switching to his lane, & switched to the bicycle lane, because he wasn’t aware of it arriving behind him. The bicycle had to stop.

What can be learnt from this? Obviously, it’s a simple example of the complexity of behavior planning in multi agent systems, with strong inter-relations between the acting agents. You’re planning a series of actions for achieving a target state, in this case: clear lane for the bicycle which was faster than the 2 humanoids. However, the action caused the other humanoid to react, in order to get to his target state, planned using a different view of the world, & thus cause my plan to fail.

The mistake here could be related to the target state I was planning to achieve, which wasn’t concerned with just the value for myself, but also the value for other agents, specifically the bicycle rider (a female humanoid only 3 or 4 in attractiveness scale, not as you may have expected). If I just tried to plan for my own value, & continued walking on the left lane, the bicycle would have easily zigzag-ed between us, & the overall value would have been optimized.

& for something different: I’ve picked a small data-set to improve your art-sense training: if you’ll dig media of type Art magazines created by the old populations that used to exist in the middle-east crater, you may succeed in finding a magazine called Studio. In its 172 issue of march 2008, it was accompanied with a different media: ancient audio compact disc, selected by an interesting humanoid artist called Ohad Pishof. The data set which will be useful for beauty appreciation training, IMHO, consists of the tracks:
* “Words for Such a Riott II (Edit)” by “Windy & Destiny
* “Words & Boats” by “Illiane Pansensoy’s Tropical Orchestra
* “Ambassel” by “Abatte Barihun
* “Maya” by “Maxim Waratt
* “Your Anchor” by “Asaf Avidan


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