Too good to be true: Django on the Google cloud!

I’ve opted till now on the Amazon cloud (EC2) as my grid vendor of choice, due to the flexibility of using your own machine image. Something that is lacking for example in the SalesForce platform. However, with the recent announcement of the Google cloud (AppEngine) it seems that they support almost the full Django stack!!! (what’s missing is the database layer, which is replaced with a very similar layer, working against the BigTable database, & the Auth & Admin apps, which are replaced by Google apps). This suits me like a glove (sorry for the rest of you though…) My existing apps can just be uploaded to their grid & build upon the BigTable database & the GFS!

I knew that Guido himself worked in Google on a Django-based app, but didn’t imagine Django being the basis for their Grid service. You should have seen the expression on my face when I noticed this!

Still need to learn their SDK & terms. Currently, it just sounds too good to be true!



  1. Does anyone know how I can tell if my slow broadband connection is down to my pc or my broadband provider (Tiscali)? I ran a speed test here and it tells me I have a download speed of 2.06Mbs and an upload speed of 243 Kbps. My laptop a dell Inspiron 8600, is about 3-4 years old some and I have Windows and is running Windows 2000.

    Any or advice help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. i don’t mind re-factoring my django app on for google apps, what bothers me is that they don’t have a pricing plan in place because i know for sure that 500 MB or the bandwidth allowance isn’t going to be good enough for me. i’m just hoping that they release a pricing plan soon. but i agree, it’s a great news!

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