[Blogumentary] reflective cell-organism vision / scene 1

My name is dibau naum h. I live in a nation called Israel, and am a member of the Jewish ethnic group. This organism I’m part of is in a conflict with another nation, on the same land, the Palestinians. It’s real F****** S*** to be in this conflict, & as my nation is currently the stronger side, its much more F**** F**** S**** for the cells in the other side. Execuse my language, but it’s just like that. & also excuse me for being obscure, I simple can’t avoid thinking of humans as cells in a super-organism, which is the real evident creature.

The smaller super-organism in which I’m currently residing is an harbor city called Ashdod, inhabited mainly by immigrants from north africa, russia & france, in southern Israel. I moved here a few years ago, because my wife, an immigrant from ukraine, grew up here. 60 years ago, before all the large roads, malls, & beautiful buildings of this city were built, 1 or 2 small Palestinian villages existed here. There’s almost no trait of them. You can see their markings in Google Earth.

When Israel was formed, all neighbouring arab nations started war & the Egyptian army arrived until where Ashdod is located (a nice egyptian obelisk marks the location, in memory of the egyptian soldiers). I believe it was around that time that the Palestinians that lived were were forced our of here, or maybe they fled away by themselves. I wish I knew more about it. I wish I knew people whose families lived here.

You’re asking why do I live here, when these people live as refugees in other countries? My family also arrived to Israel when the nation was formed as refugees, from Europe. They were very wealthy & successul, & had a factory & many appartments all over europre, but lost all of their family (each grand parent lost his/her parents, partners & children!) & possessions in the holocaust, & arrived as refugees to Israel, when it was under british rule.

I’m not going to conclude, just to express my wish to both Palestinans & Israelies could live as 2 nations side by side, in peace, & share this place, which is the only place we’ve got. Currently there are so many Israelies and Palestinians tried to destroy the possibility of this, that this goal seem so far away. I decided to write a documentary on these Israelies and Palestinians trying to prevent co-existence & peace, & maybe convince some of them to cease their efforts.

2 days ago was the Jewish Passover diner, in which jews tell the their children the story of fleding from egypt, in which they were slaves, to Israel. It’s a nice dinner, with strange rituals, & it was fun. We hosted a guy, who lost his parents, & was very happy to join us. I heard him tell a story from his military service in the last couple of weeks, in the occupied teritories, near the city of Nablus. He just mentioned briefly all the terrorist incidents he had to handle, including for example 2 women suicide bombers, but went into details on 1 incident.

He needed to guard some school of Jewish settlers near Nablus, a religious school for girls. He then noticed 2 settler girls striding, in a walk thru a Palestinian village. The soldiers decided to escort them, to protect them. The 2 girls, feeling secured, didn’t stop insulting, swearing & trying to hurt the local villagers, which as the man said “wanted to eat them up”. This behavior is so typical of the jewish settlers in the occupied territories. Here’s a short movie I just got by email:



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