New perspective on GTD tools

I’ve been using Todoist for some time, & just love it! It’s simple, but not too simple (like To-done). It’s powerful, but has great interface, optimized for fast & efficient work. It has very useful views, reminders & integration options. In short, it’s just working, which is the characteristic I like most in software.

However, there’s one problem with Todoist: it’s great for ants, but humans shouldn’t be “mere” ants. I mean of course that humans should have a vision that views the big picture & not just the track of tasks. & the big picture includes possible targets one can navigate to, & the predicted value from reaching them. As GTD sensei David Allen says, one should have the Imagined Outcome in mind, & not just the next actions to execute.

This is why I wish to switch to tools such as LifeTick, which are goal oriented & value(s) driven. LifeTick seems to be following a clear methodology, enforcing the user to derive concrete reachable goals from his core values, & their weights. This should enable users to focus on targets, & their importance, & not just on the next task at hand.

Compared to Todoist, the interface is a bit more slick & user-friendly – optimized for new users. But I like it as well. Unlike Todoist, LifeTick isn’t completely free – the free edition has limited features & other limitations, but I’m more than pleased to pay them the 20$/year for the unlimited version & would have probably donated it anyway.

So, I wish to migrate to Goal oriented tools, such as LifeTick. Will I make it? Am I more than an ant? Not sure, I’ll post an update if/when I find out.



  1. Thanks Muli, for reassuring my being more than an ant… I’m still very curious whether old ant habits & orientation can be abandoned for better goal-oriented ones.

  2. BTW, Muli, did you see Tarkovsky’s Stalker? I just love how the Stalker navigated there by throwing a stone wrapped with an handkerchief, & walking towards it, in order not to be side-tracked.
    It’s somewhere between task/process orientation, & goal orientation. I wish tools would add it, perhaps as an “iteration/sprint” entity between goal & task.

    BTW, the dev. mgmt tool I once recommended you, VersionOne, is now more accessible: their giving the team edition as SaaS & completely free!

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  4. For implementing GTD you might try out this new web-based application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    A mobile version and iCal are available too.

    Hope you like it.

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