Cinema as simulator for machines

I have this vision of software machines consuming cinema, as art form. It’s important not just to make the cylons more human-like (hence, weaker/better?), but also for other purposes, such as simulation. Sitting in front of the big screen is a simulation process after all, in which we run events & allow our brain to experience their impact. (Here’s a meme I just love for many years: always sit on the 1st row in the cinema theater, however painful it may be for your neck.)

Software machines could be qualified against different scenarios, to both test them & train their learning models. Moreover, they can become more adaptive to changes, to which they would never have been exposed otherwise. Their intelligence could improve from living more lives (Edward Yang says in “1..2” that humans live about 5000 lives, due to cinema consumption).

Ultimately, cinema as art is a way to impact the deep values & preferences of software, like the art in cathedrals & cave walls. Need to find the time to prototype a cinema simulator architecture for software.

I remember an old caricature, maybe from Mad, in which an audience is seen crying in front of a sad movie, except for one guy, who’s smiling happily. Obviously, that’s a bug in that instance.


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