Kaizen 0.2 – my current continuous improvement plan

[This is the plan I read every day when I start to work. I’m evaluating it every month, & see how it works. It probably applies only to myself, due to my fantastic set of defects, but anyway I’m the only one reading this.]

1. Non-related work may be done only in 5 minute breaks, every hour – :00 – :05
2. Have an exact realistic plan each day in todoist, & resolve to perform all of it!
3. If there’s a chance you’ll miss a deadline – communicate it!
4. Update supervisors on progress & status – daily.
5. Maintain highest quality. There shouldn’t be bugs in your code, only very rare ones.
6. Remember what is expected from you. Deliver at least that & if possible even more.
7. Think how to create value for share-holders, & pro-actively create it.
8. Must go to sleep before midnight.
9. Do what’s fun to you – the only way to be productive.
10. Figure out what scares you, & quickly go & do it. In worst case you’ll fail & learn.

[See also these Simple Guidelines for Workday quality over quantity]


3 thoughts on “Kaizen 0.2 – my current continuous improvement plan

  1. 1. You are not the only one reading this.
    2. This set is a subset of mine.
    3. There should be item 0. Read this plan every morning.
    4. How are you going to solve this bootstrap problem? πŸ™‚

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