why I love the Django framework

django logo
After attending EuroDjangoCon, it has become quite clear why I love this framework, & prefer it so much over its competitors. It’s not the fact that it’s much better than the others, much more simple & powerful, i.e., beautiful. It’s not the fact that it’s so valuable in allowing me & others to create so much with so little.
It’s actually because of the values of it’s authors & community.
Just like business companies’ values, i.e., map of perceiving reality, are usually determined by it’s founders & chief executives, & propagated throughout the organization (Microsoft & Google are good examples), the same is true for technology frameworks, & the authors & community behind them.
So, I love Django so much because of the values of its authors, which propagated nicely to the community using it. I heard more than once on people leaving the Rails community just because of the rude way they were treated by the framework authors or community members. I saw & heard the authors of Django, & it’s community, & rest assure it won’t happen much here.

Here’s, BTW, my summaries from the conference.


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