Economic situation & political views

Rockets are hitting my town every few hours. Sirens go & we all run to a shelter room & wait, tho we know it wouldn’t help much in case of direct hit. The rockets are launched by ppl in Gaza, from which Israel retreated almost 10 years ago. The regime in Gaza is in very bad economic state, & all government workers haven’t received any salaries for the past 3 months. In recent days government workers there were reported shooting banks & ATM’s to try get their money. I hear that this economic situation may have led them to force Israel into a violent conflict. The other part of Palestine (West Bank) is quiet & generally not involved in violence, mainly because the economic situation there is much better in recent years. Ppl having something to lose, will not tend towards violence & driving armed conflicts.

In Israel, many people react to the hundreds of rockets falling all over the country with demand from the government to “flatten” Gaza & kill as many ppl there until they’ll stop their violence. In most cases it’s the people of the working classes & not the middle & upper classes who hold these views. Especially the really poor people.

I’m pretty sure the northern US states that were against slavery were richer than the southern ones. Germany before the world wars, with all of its educated & high-culture ppl turned ppl into monsters during the economic crisis. I wish I had an animated hit-map of all global economic crisis areas, overlaid with global violent crisis areas. This could help me check this thesis.

A research I read once by a German statistician claimed that on every society in which more than 40% of young ppl are unemployed, you’ll see violent conflict rising, either internal or external.

What does it mean about the future, in which more & more ppl will lose their jobs in favor of intelligent machines? Will we have more violence?

Should we change the economy to be more around ppl’s wealth instead of money, as in north European countries?

How can I personally help ppl be less poor? Even few ppl would mean a lot.