On Jerry Schnappers’ photographs

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  • His photographs were taken in the area I used to work in (Tel-Aviv center) & are able to find beauty where I couldn’t see any
  • But they don’t usually try to capture beauty, but rather some kind of distortion of reality – a reflection of reality thru the glass of sky scrapers or the multiple combined views of phantasy products inside a store contrasted with the reflected street & photographer outside.

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  • The best ones imo are those where this distortion is done using a manipulation of the camera controls, which captures a gap between how reality looked like & what you actually see



  • This gap for me is a capture of a feeling the artist had, which he is trying to convey, like the expressionist paintings, a discontent with the reality: a revoke or disgust or just a wish that things would be different


  • it looks like the way ppl see (& capture in photographs) the reality around them is affected by how they see the human society in that reality, & the extent or lack of harmony they have with that society
  • I think the artist immigrated to Israel (judging by his name) from the states, whereas I immigrated from Israel to the states, just because I couldn’t stand the society there any longer, & wanted a happier life for myself & my family
  • Compare my photographs here, in Newton MA, near Boston, in which I’m trying to capture the reality as it is, with as little gap as possible, which may reflect the harmony I feel with the society around me


  • So, this post makes sense only to me, as my reading of the photographs is mainly reflecting what I felt living where they were taken.
  • BTW, the best art works capturing how I felt there are the songs of the band HaBiluim (named after the pioneers who built Israel 100 years ago, to start a better place). For example, I remember 3 sentences from one of their songs saying: “I hate the days… Peels of seeds… Sayings of right-wing people” (& in Hebrew it rhymes ובאידיש מתחרזים המה)

– אני שונא את הימים…
– קליפות של גרעינים…
– אמירות של ימנים…