Pain will set you free

People said to van-Gogh every day that he’s a bad painter, so bad that he can’t even sell his paintings, unlike so many other painters, which are therefor much better than him.
The people who said it were stupid – they couldn’t see the truth (only smart people see things that others less smart ppl don׳t). It must have been very painful for van-Gogh, knowing that the truth is that he’s extremely good, much more than everyone else, but everyone are listening to the stupid people who don’t see the truth & completely under-estimate him.
It wouldn’t have helped if van-Gogh would say to everyone that he is a great painter. They’ll be even more sure of the lies they heard from stupid people. It just had to take long time until smart people who can see the truth eventually saw it & understood that everyone else were completely wrong.
Similar thing happened to Bach (the father), who was under-recognized at his time, & not considered a great composer. If Mendelsohn wouldn’t have found his music after many years & saw the truth – that this is one of the greatest composers of all time – the rest of the world wouldn’t know this to this date.
So, if you know that you’re great in what you do, but see stupid people not seeing the truth & convincing everyone else that you suck at what you do, tell them that they’re wrong but it’s their problem, & continue doing the great work you do, until some smart people will recognize it. This pain of everyone not seeing the truth about you & spreading lies (due to their short-sight or plain blindness) is a pain that you should love & learn from. Eventually it will set you free.