Biology of cells leaving the body

I went yesterday to a concert by one of the most genius Israeli (& IMO world-wide) musicians – Matti Caspi. The concert was here in Boston, & was packed with Israeli expatriates like myself.

The beautiful music made me very emotional so I tried to understand the biological basis. Obviously, people like me are cells who detached from their body, because the body’s brain has changed its values, norms & culture to be incompatible with our own. The cells floating outside of their super organism body, still carry the DNA of their original body – as it was before they left, & this memory of the culture & values of the super organism is effectively invoked by music. It is also very sad, because these values & culture are gone now – the last cells still carrying them are leaving the super organism, & merging into other super organisms. The old Israel that they remember will soon die & be forgotten.

Thank you Matti Caspi for bringing me these memories & deep feelings, & your so beautiful music & character.

After the show I kept hearing one song in my head & for 2 hours didn’t want to let go of it, afraid I will forget it.


And some more:


[head image is of Vladimir Nabokov & friends, while they were living in exile in Berlin]



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