Thoughts about the future

Only art & science, the love & values they embody, can save humanity. The education for humanities & character building, the pursuit of perfection & beauty, seeking to show the brain things it never saw before, helping people by solving problems & understanding how things work, only through these we have some hope.

Society is a deterministic economic game, in which the rate of unemployment drives people (who have nothing to lose) to give power to the ugliest & stupidest monsters, such as the current US president. In order to cover up for their incompetence, these leaders usually funnel the suffering of the people to violence & hatred of the minorities or neighbors or whoever the ugly & stupid leaders don’t like. Their enemies are the educated & moral people, so they’ll work hard to eliminate knowledge & moral standards, & utilize religion & other forms of control to take people’s freedom & autonomy.

AI, such as the simple Reinforcement Learning algorithms that allow machines to become better than humans in any task, will obviously increase the rate of unemployment, taking mostly the jobs of the less educated people. It will also make it pointless to study & educate people on any faculty, art or profession, if machines can anyway do a much better job than us. So, unless we’ll let the power & control to the AI, I don’t see how we’ll not end up with monster stupid leaders & their religions & violent way to control the masses & take away their freedom.

The only thing that gives me hope now is the fact that we now have easy access to the knowledge & art of our great past teachers, & so perhaps more people will learn & educate themselves, & build a character based on the values of art & science, which are the only thing that can save us.